Eventing lessons

The Manege Chardon eventing site has a very good all-weather surface that can be walked on throughout the year. The eventing obstacles are varied from beginner to advanced. The terrain consists of jumps and jumps, a water tank, points, small holes, etc. The various movable obstacles are regularly in a different location. Training is only possible with instruction. The instruction is offered by Jeannette and Lianne Chardon. Group lessons are regularly organized, for which you can register. You can stay up to date on the facebook page of Manege Chardon.    


Group lesson 60 min 4 people: 30 euros

Group lesson 60 min 3 people: 35 euros

Group lesson 60 min 2 people: 45 euros

Private lesson 45 min: 45 euros

The prices include terrain rental.

For more questions about the eventing terrain, please contact Jeannette Chardon at ons contactformulier.

eventing contactformulier